Testimonials - Diana Cermakova

Diana Cermakova



I had always adored Danelle’s beautiful style of photographing weddings, so when we got engaged we basically picked our wedding date around Danelle’s availability! Danelle and Dirk perfectly captured our day, and our loved ones, and their photos serve as constant reminders of our happy day. We especially loved how they were able to capture the simple, subtle moments and details like flowers and fabrics to create a story of the day. Danelle and Dirk are fantastic, warm and highly professional!


Danelle is a gifted photographer, artist, and human being. Her depth of experience, creative vision, artistic insight, and eye for compositions are unrivaled. Danelle has a wonderful love affair with light and nature. It is the way she sees the world and how she captures photographs that sets her apart. She doesn’t just capture a shot, she captures an experience. We entrusted Danelle with our special day, and we are so thankful to her for beautifully capturing the heart and soul of our wedding.